Friday, December 5, 2008

A Christmas Present

So many things connect to Dodie, my college roommate. December 17 will be the second anniversary of her death. Dodie's older daughter Mani nannied for the Dunn family when Mani was attending Converse College in Spartanburg, SC. The little Dunn girl has since graduated from college and pharmacy school. Mom Fran came across Brie's undergrad t-shirts and memories of so many Kappa Delta events. Using Wofford College school colors for sashing and borders, this t-shirt quilt is the whimsical and charming result. Fran even arranged the layout. This is Brie's Christmas present. Click on the picture to see some of the details of the shirts as well as the dog bone fabric for the Wofford mascot used for the cornerstones and the binding. 84" x 96"

When the family went to Myrtle Beach about 7 months after Dodie's death, the Dunns offered Mani their house in Litchfield. John and I stayed there along with Dodie's brother Bill and his wife. It was a sad week to be together, but the gracious and lovely house - the Jim Dandy - of the Dunns made the week a bit easier.
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wsrhodes said...

Very cool! And the squares in the sashing really set off the blocks well. I'm sure she will treasure it for many years.

Fran Dunn said...

Mom Fran just received the quilt a day early -- the same day nanny Mani, Dodie's first-born is due to visit from Charlotte. Another coincidence?! Can't wait for Mani to see it as she is like a sister to Brie and knows ALL the stories! Once your children "outgrow" Christmas, it is rare to recapture the "old" magic. I think this quilt just might do it! Well DUNN, Donna!!!