Saturday, April 25, 2009

Organizational Demonstration

As evidenced by some of the blog entries in March, I have really been enjoying working on quilted jackets. My sister-in-law Terry - she of the Quilting Injury Hall of Fame - bought the fabrics to begin her jacket. As a way to get started, I've decided to make this little photo organizational tool. Even though the pattern directions are very clear and I took this class from the Morninglory pattern designers, I think this picture is useful. These fabrics are for Wayne's wife Wendy's jacket - they chose these fabrics, and it's obvious that they understand the concept of contrast, which is essential for this pattern. There are 7 fabrics. The left column is for the front, the middle for the back, and the right for sleeves and collar. Can't wait to see how this jacket will turn out!

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