Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Purse!

Maybe I should entitle this blog entry "A Real Purse." It has decent straps, two (count 'em - 2!) zippered compartments inside, and a very nice little tab with velcro that keeps the purse shut. It's also a good size - 13" by 10". Best of all, it has a symmetrical flat bottom that even has a plastic base!

This was a pattern that I actually (1) purchased and (2) followed the directions for. Just a couple of notes for the next bag. All outer bag pieces were quilted using Thermore. I used iron-on interfacing (fusible webbing) on the lining pieces. The handles were quilted using Warm N' Natural and could use a sturdier batting - maybe a double-layer of Thermore?

I think I'll make this pattern again! And I think I'll try to add an outside pocket for a cell phone on the same side as the little tab that closes the purse. Finally, the lining of a purse needs to be light for maximum purse efficiency!

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