Monday, April 13, 2009

Those Pesky Jacket Leftovers

It's always an issue: how much to buy of a fabric? If I find a fabric I like that is reasonably priced, I'll get two yards. And of course when I use it in whatever project(s), there are leftovers. Occasionally, like for my sister's jacket, I buy specific yardage according to the pattern. And still there are leftovers. I have a big wicker basket of scraps. I have two small baskets of scraps. I have a pile of scraps in a corner. More scraps on a bookshelf. I have scraps leftover from scrap quilts. Some of my scraps even have scraps.

So Paula's jacket leftovers are now a bag. It is a bit bigger than a MORS bag and flat-bottomed AND both sides have a pocket. I still have lessons to be learned about symmetry and flat-bottomed bags, and then there's the whole issue of how to get a bag to stand on its own. Something to look forward to with future projects.

The more immediate issue is what to do with the leftover scraps from this bag. A glasses case? A camera case? A cell phone case?

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