Saturday, February 27, 2010

Behind Every Great Man...

 Since John and I first began our quest for Indian food, we have been drawn to what was Indian Garden in Westmont and is now Saffron. Over the years I have developed a great respect for the cook and have thoroughly enjoyed becoming friends with Prasenjit Roy, the owner. I've never met Mrs. Roy, but she did give me the name of a fabric store in New Dehli. Prasenjit gave us a "just in case" phone numbers of one of his friends in New Delhi. This simple boxed Mors bag is simply for shopping and just because I have had so many wonderful dinners at Saffron.
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Anonymous said...

What gloriously cheerful colors for this time of year. And it's truly a fabric that needs no embellishment.

I love the inviting solid "red" lining. Do you know I once considered painting the inside of our garage a softer, brighter shade of that red because I thought it would be so warm and inviting to drive into at the end of the day. But I also thought that when the garage door opened, it might look like the house was opening its mouth to swallow us. Gulp! :-)