Sunday, February 28, 2010

For My Physical Therapist Chandra

For the past 6 weeks I've been seeing Chandra, a physical therapist at the Paulson Rehab Center, LaGrange Hospital. She's a charming woman and an excellent therapist. We're now fine-tuning my walk and working on increasing my range of motion. She's already given me a script of exercises to do on the ship so that I can continue to improve. I'm hoping that after the next knee in April I can continue to work with her.

If you're thinking this Amazing Technicolor Dream Tote is similar to the one I just gave Oralee a few days ago, you're right. But since Chandra is a small woman, I took out one of the vertical strips and also shortened the handles. This bag is boxed and has a plastic bottom.

Physical therapy hasn't been easy or fun. However, spending this time with someone who is so outgoing and generous has made the therapy almost fun. Almost.


Josie Ray said...

What ship?!? What ship?!? Do tell! :-) Are you going on a CRUISE? :-)

Regarding your tote: Isn't it interesting how the eye sees the leftmost colors first and as predominate? So that the same fabrics in reverse order make it look like a different color scheme?

BTW, I just closed the Snow Had Fallen blog (I tell you since you were following...) I exported it first, so that I can bring it back next year, if I like, but, truth be told, I didn't enjoy being divided between two blogs. Any future Christmas posts will probably be at Appalachian Dream.

Happy sailing if you slip out before we talk again.

Donna said...

We are leaving on Mar 5 for another trip of a lifetime. This time we are flying to Tokyo and doing back-to-back Princess cruises with ports in China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Viet Nam, and Singapore. Stops include Shanghai and Hong Kong. We'll return in early April. I know daily that I am one of the most blessed and luckiest women in the world. That icky blood clot in December? Even that has turned out to be fortuitous because I will remain on blood thinner throughout the cruises because of those two long flights. Turns out my blood is a bit like my ass - difficult to thin! So I'm wrapping things up in the studio and trying to keep calm with sewing therapy!

Josie Ray said...

Wooo-hooo!!!! :-) Talk about blasting outside of your comfort zone. The Orient is about as foreign as foreign gets, you know, because Europe is so familiar to most of us now, but the Eastern cultures and mindset are still like another planet.

Kudos to you, you brave woman, for traveling so soon after surgery...for not letting all that hold you back. I truly admire you for that.

A couple of us are leaving tomorrow for two weeks in Tennessee--now doesn't THAT sound tame? :-)--so I'll look forward, very much, to catching up with you when you return. I predict an entirely new phase of quilt design, because how could you possibly return from such an adventure unchanged?

God grant you safe and delightful travel.

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.