Friday, February 19, 2010

My Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Groya in LaGrange Park really is a nice man and an excellent surgeon. I'm thrilled with how my new knee feels and will have the other one done in April. In addition to Dr. Groya's surgical skills, the referral women at my doctors' office sing the praises of his support staff. And they are right. His nurse, his receptionist, his bookkeeper/jack-of-all-trades, and x-ray technician are terrific women. Call it gratitude - or medical bribery - but I made each of them a quilted tote. Just because. Today at my appointment I gave them their bags, and each woman was appreciative. Fun to reward people for good work! and to ask them for attention for future work (wink, wink, nudge,nudge!).

Before my first knee replacement, I was closing up the studio for a couple of weeks and made a tote out of all my scraps for my surgeon's wife. I told Dr. Groya not to show this bag to his staff. What did he do? He showed them the bag. So now, everyone is happy. Especially me!


Josie Ray said...

Your creative energy astounds and inspires me. Especially at this sluggish time of year, and when you're recuperating from surgery. Lovely totes; generous gifts, indeed.

I'm so glad you stopped by Appalachian Dream a few days ago! Hmmm. You asked some questions:

Actually, I don't get enough weirdo comments at my site to annoy me. I turned on comment moderation for comments on posts older than 7 days just so that I'm made aware of new comments on older posts without having to go back to check, and try to remember how many comments there were before...and so on.

A great idea to have your driveway shoveled! In truth, I love shoveling what snow we normally get. This year, however, when the banks surpassed my height, we hired it shoveled simply because I couldn't pitch the snow up that high any longer!

Thank you, most of all, for your interest in my painting. I planned all along to post the story of its origin, but when I finished, though it looked amateurish, it was suddenly very dear to me and I wasn't sure I wanted to share it! Do you ever feel that way about your work? And I thought, "Well, no one said one word in the comments about the painting, so perhaps I'll let it slide." Then you did! :-) And suddenly, once again, I wanted to tell the story. I'll try to post it tomorrow.

Josie Ray said...

p.s. Okay, I posted my little painting on my blog! :-) Again, thank you for your interest. It's always a pleasure, you know, when someone with an eye for design and color asks questions about your work.