Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Definite Progress

This is one of my favorite parts of the quilt process.  All layers are basted together, and the quilting has begun.  With basting I work from the middle towards the edges.  But when sewing I start with the outer edges and work my way in, taking out the straight pins as I go.  There are still a lot of pins in Christopher's quilt, but I've taken out almost 150 so far. 

With every row of stitches I can see this quilt taking its shape and its final form.  By Sunday it ought to be perfect.

Note about quilting:  my work space is L-shaped and big.  It's perfect for supporting this quilt as I work my way around and around it.  In lieu of a side table, an ironing board can be used to provide support for the quilt - and the quilter!


Carol G said...

I love your workspace set-up. I have a large table behind my sewing machine to support a quilt but that one on your left is just the ticket I think. I'll have to consult DH!

Ebony Love said...

Interesting that you use straight pins instead of safety pins. I would stab myself to death if I didn't baste with curved pins. Can you explain this choice?

Donna said...

One of the things I inherited from my mother is "subway efficiency." I'll get things done as quickly as I can but it may not always be the most attractive (I know - I'm binding some of your quilts. Relax - I'll be good to them). Straight pins are so much easier and faster to use. And as long as I have on jeans and a supply of bandaids, I'm usually ok. Christopher's quilt? Not one drop of blood went into it!