Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fitting End to my Starry Fabrics

I buy fabrics when they are on sale. And somehow, not by design, I accumulated several fabrics with stars. Over the years I've used these fabrics and yet still have had some left. One of these starry projects was a baby quilt for Bradley Smejkal back in 2008.

Another baby quilt was done as a scrap quilt to demonstrate reversible quilting.  Angela McMahon and her new little baby girl received this quilt last November - see my blog entry about this quilt.

Bradley Smejkal is having a baby brother this spring.  And since I made baby quilts for both him and his sister, of course I have to make one for this new little guy.  And as I was starting work on this quilt, I knew I had to do a charity quilt to go to Japan.

Here is one completed quilt.  Its backing is mostly one fabric. The backing for the second quilt is also here, even though I'm still piecing its top. I ran out of the darker blue with stars on it and had to substitute a plain blue on the front. And for the back?
Determined to not have any more starry scraps, I used as much as I could for the back. I would have never done something like this before my involvement with the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild - I love the effect this group is having on me!
I need to do another baby quilt, and I know it's for a little girl. But before I decide on fabrics and design, I will get busy on the hockey/sports jersey quilts that are on the studio design wall - er, floor - and finish the second starry baby quilt.


Carol G said...

Love the backs as much as the front. Man, you have really been busy.

Karen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE scrappy backs! So fun...nice work!!

raebethriv said...

It's Spring Break, Go Crazy! Love the pieced backs! Do you feel a Spring Fever coming over you?! You're amazing!