Monday, March 21, 2011

A Different Kind of Quilting

So often my quilts are planned out.  It starts with the design and then the fabrics.  How much of each fabric will I need, what size will be the blocks be, what will the borders be, will it be a hanger or a dragger, etc.  Here's what I did on the quilting retreat with my red scraps.  I was intending these bits to be a row in a scrap quilt.

Today was a free day for me. So I got out these red "units" and turned them into quilt blocks that are 12.5" high. And here's what I now have:

What I'm discovering is that what I have is a lot like a paragraph or an essay without punctuation.  Instead of words running together, here all the reds just get lost in this huge maze.But when I separate the blocks, the effect is more pleasant to my eye.  Instead of being a row of reds in a scrap quilt, I think these may become a wall hanging.  Perhaps black will be good for the sashing.  I think I need to leave these blocks on my design floor and just study them over the next few days while I begin one of the graduation hockey jersey quilt for May/June.


Miss Sews-it-all said...

Yes, I totally agree with you - there needs to be some separation in the blocks to keep them from feeling like a sea of red. Love how the different reds play off of each other and also blend together!

Carol G said...

I see a hint of purple in one of the blocks. Maybe try that if black doesn't seem perfect. This type of construction is so fun--and gratifying when you see your scrap pile start to shrink.