Friday, March 25, 2011

Organized Chaos

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I know how lucky I am - I have a HUGE studio. But sometimes it's just not big enough. In the upper left corner is my red scrap quilt - it has to stay where it is because I'm auditioning different fabrics for sashing and border and still thinking about design and I just need to see it. In the middle is one of the hockey jersey quilts, the layout of which was designed by the mom. It has to stay there until I can at least connect the shirts into rows - the good news is that I have the fabric. The second pile of uncut jerseys - I need to trim them and then do the layout. Two of the rows are going to be taller than the rest, and one row will only have 3 shirts because the design is so wide. So that needs to stay as it is until I can trim them. Finally - one of the baby quilts. Each row has been made. But now I need to press and then sew the rows together. I could pick up this quilt - except I like looking at it. Tonight I'm meeting a college roommate from Saint Louis in Springfield for a visit and an overnight. Tomorrow afternoon (let's hear it for the NCAA games!) I'll get back to one of these. Probably the jersey quilt in the middle. Or the baby quilt..

And a word of appreciation for DH - he went with me to Joann's yesterday so I could get new 40-yard bolt of Warm N Natural. You can see this bolt standing in the upper left corner. I got my last bolt two years ago and could just barely lift it and fit in into my car. It was so much easier with John and his car. Phew... (and of course I used a coupon!)


Carol G said...

I'm having serious studio envy. When I lay out a big quilt it only fits in my living room and I have to work on it right away or it will get stepped on. In my sewing room I can lay out a small quilt but it still runs the risk of ME stepping on it. You are one lucky gal!

Karen said...

OMG...that is an awesome huge studio!!Love it!