Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birthday Giveaway

In honor of a friend's birthday I am giving away five things.  Last weekend at the White/Johnson wedding I gave my cousin Kathy a purse.  And so I am counting that in my "birthday giveaway."  Items 2 and 3 are here.  I gave my mom her choice, and she chose the  purse with blues.  My sister-in-law Kim liked the brown ethnic-ish print, and Kim really liked the hidden pockets on the sides of her purse.  Both of these have been made with Soft and Stable purse batting and have a great feel to them.  After I organized my mom's new purse and the things in it, I took the empty purse and gave that to Kim also - I think my niece Laura might wind up using it as a book bag.  Hmmm, does this count as the 4th give-away? 

This is the one I gave the Kathy - the first of my hobo bags, the one I forgot to put the pleat in.  I love the fabrics, and this too has been lined with Soft and Stable .  

If I can just find two more things to give away...

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QuilterLaura said...

The purses are lovely but I am positively drooling over your quilting space....wow!

Marié said...

Hi Donna

I love your bags! Interesting batting you talk about- it is a problem to get the right thing here in South Africa!