Monday, August 1, 2011

Focusing for August

August already?  Wow.  Time is flying.

These two hobo bags are complete.  I added a D-ring to the brown one to make the strap longer, which is what one of the moms wanted to do.  The blue one used the rest of a fabric that I have loved.  Both of these will be samples for future workshops.  The quilting is simple, and both bags are terrific.  So, enough about purses for the time being.

Let's move on to duffel bags.  I really love how this turned out.  It's big - 22" wide and 10" tall.  I used Soft and Stable - such a great purse lining.  This pattern called for quilted material, and the bag would go together quickly if that was the starting point.  Since I quilted my own, I had to adapt the pattern directions.  Easy enough at this point.

The only thing I would change now is the straps.  For such a hefty bag, they should be wider.  Next time.

The inside of the bag has three pockets - the one here and then one on either end of the interior.  I like how the zipper goes all the way across the bag, giving easy access to all parts of the interior. 

The wedding quilt for this Saturday was quilted by Ebony and is now ready to bind - the binding fabric is in the bottom right corner.

A woman who was our our Great Parks of the West trip loved my quilted jacket and ordered one in "Grand Canyon" colors. This box of fabrics is the start of this palette, and now I just need to make some decisions and get busy.

Finally, a jazz friend of John's has some interesting t-shirts and wants a reversible lap quilt with his shirts. He's a graphic designer and knows precisely what he wants. It was good to work with someone who knew exactly what fabrics he wanted incorporated into his quilt. So far I've stabilized these shirts with a thin fusible interfacing - just something to stop the stretching so I could cut them accurately.

Here's to August and a continuation of the dog days of summer. I love my studio air conditioning.

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Z Any Mouse said...

I love how the duffel bag came out! I had to laugh at the Grand Canyon color scheme. My husband recently redid our back yard and when we went to the rock shop to pick out our flagstone for the patio, I settled on Grand Canyon. It's a beautiful array of reds, oranges, and purples, and looks amazing - especially right after the sprinklers have gone off. You can't go wrong with Grand Canyon :)