Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Left-Handed Serenity Now

This purse, Serenity by, went together nicely.  I was impressed with the directions and the kit.  I did inadvertently reverse the purse flap, but it makes no difference.  Also, I added a snap to the purse flap - you can see it one of the pictures here.   In additon to an interior pocket, there is also a great functional pocket on the back. 

When I finish a purse, I'm always surprised that I want to do another.  With the leftovers from this fabric, some additionial Texture Magic (that great

product by, and one of her iPad carrier patterns, I think I have my next project!


Carol G said...

You rock! It's wonderful.

Andrea @ Sew Divertimento said...

I love it! Texture magic is so cool. I still haven't tried it yet. Looks great!

Annie said...


You did a great job on the Serenity Bag. It looks great with the flap going on the other way, too! And the magnetic snap is a great idea. Keep up the good work!

Annie Unrein

Superior Threads said...

What a great job you did. I've always loved that pattern. Well done!!


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Left-Handed!! I LOVE IT!! But then - you knew I would! ;))

Donna said...

I will admit to executing this pattern nicely. But the credit for the beauty of the bag goes to Annie of - she created this kit with these beautiful fabrics!

Rose Marie said...

What a beautiful purse .... wonderful job!