Friday, September 9, 2011

A Liberal Jacket

This spring John and I toured several national parks of the West.  One of the women on our tour loved the quilted jacket I was wearing.  Before the trip was over she ordered one of these jackets in Grand Canyon colors and paid for it in cash.  Doris is a Democrat regarding Wisconsin and national politics, so of course I have her the Liberal Discount.  She and her daughter are traveling in October, and she wanted her jacket by then.  Here it is - all ready to go in the mail and then be broken in. Breaking in a jacket?  Absolutely, especially a quilted jacket.  Despite using the thinnest batting (Thermore), there are essentially five mini quilts (2 sleeves, 2 front, and a back) that have been sewn together.  This jacket needs to be washed and handled and worn.  So, Doris?  Get busy!  And stay politically active!


Carol G said...

It's gorgeous! I'm sure she will be sending you some orders when she wears it on her trip.

Zanymouse said...

What a great job you did!

Andrea @ Sew Divertimento said...

This turned out great!!! I bet she loves it!