Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Nemesis

 This is the back of a vest that I'm working on. You can't see the piping that separates the yoke from the bodice, but it's pretty terrific. Flush with success I decided to bind the armholes before tackling the collar. And of course I did this without reading the directions first. There's an adjustment that needs to be made to the front armholes before binding. Ay yiy yiy... So now the vest is sitting by the wallet which didn't turn out, again because I don't read directions.
This forced stopping point seem to be a perfect time to work on a couple of simple things that I'm working on. Friend Carol wanted pretty fabric to use at the altar for her reading, and these three fabric pieces just needed a simple hem. Favored physical therapist Chandra needed a minor adjustment to a beautiful vest of hers, and sister Paula bought a lovely scarf when we were in Kenya. She decided it was too wide to wear comfortably and said if I cut it in half lengthwise and hemmed it, I could keep half. So now I have a great giraffe scarf!

And my good trusty Husqvarna Sapphire 830 is back in the shop. Frustrating, but at least I do have other machines. I'm starting to haunt eBay, with John's blessing, to look for another machine to add to the stable. Just looking so far.

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Carol G said...

Vest is going to be fabulous. Hope you are in a seam ripping mood soon so we can see the finish.