Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Round Robin - Before and After

A Round Robin is a quilting exchange where quilters add a round to another quilter's piece. Here is the current Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Round Robin, organized by our lovely Sue. We started with 8" blocks that featured applique. This is Rachel's original block, a lovely rainbow cupcake. The theme of Round Two was rectangles. Holly took Rachel's cupcake and added this perfect border fabric, but only after she added whipped cream and sprinkles to Rachel's cupcake. This was how the block looked with I got it.

The theme of Round Three was diamonds, and this is what I did to Rachel's cupcake. Diamonds are tricky, and I'm relying on the colors of these diamonds to complement and not overwhelm the cupcake.

I like playing with my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild friends!
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Emily said...

Lovely!! I can't wait to see what's going on with my quit! :) (and to see what I have to work on this month!!) I have really enjoyed this so far, who would have known? At the beginning I didn't even know what a round robin was!