Tuesday, September 6, 2011

T-Shirt Quilts for a Graphic Jazz Fan

Marc is a young man my husband knows from the Brookfield Jazz Society. He's a graphic artist/designer with a website. For a few years he's been talking about doing a quilt from some of his t-shirts, and we finally got around to it. His birthday is the 4th of July, so 6 of his shirts are on a red/white/blue background.
This second quilt incorporates two beautiful shirts against a red/dark grey background.
There was an additional t-shirt that I thought was lovely, and this has become a wall hanging.

Nice way to save and honor these shirts that are so special to Marc!


Marc aka Network XXIII said...

Donna - Very nice work. Lots of complements already on the design and workmanship from both quits. A work of art that is suitable for framing, draping over a bed or just to stare at to count the number of stitches on each shirt.

Thanks for your support.

raebethriv said...

What a Modern spin on the tshirt quilt! I think you'll be starting a new movement on the designing of tshirt quilts!
See you soon!