Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dryer-Sheet Applique: A Tutorial

I love the generosity that exists among quilters.  Being a self-taught quilter, I know how to do what I do thanks in large part to tutorials and illustrations in books.  So in a spirit of reciprocity, here's a little tutorial on the dryer-sheet applique method.  This method can be used for a variety of shapes, but I'm working with circles here.

Place a used dryer sheet on the right side of the fabrics (here a scrap from two fabrics), pin to stabilize, and draw the circle.  I used a CD.

Cut all the way around, and sew a scant 1/4" seam all the way around the outer edge.

The back side of your fabric should look something like this.
Pinch the dryer sheet away from the fabric and cut a slit in it, 2" long or so.
Reach in through the slit and turn it inside-out so that the right side of the fabric is now on the outside.
Use a poking tool of some kind and press so that your circle lies flat.

And you get some nice little circles, ready to be appliqued onto your fabric.  The dryer sheet is thin, and a nice zigzag stitch is easy to do!

Thanks to Sue Ryan who demonstrated this method last July at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild.  And here's to whittling that fabric stash down in 2012!


Liz said...

Thanks for the tutorial....I've been staring at some circle blocks for months now....tucked them away because the thought of actually doing something with them was daunting. You've solved the problem. Very much appreciated.

Sheila said...

So clever, thanks for sharing. Have a very happy New Years!

Bunny said...

You've inspired me! I'm ready to play with circles now. Thanks, Donna.

Sue R. said...

NICE tutorial! A quilter from the Salt Creek Guild told me about this method at the Int'l Quilt Show in Rosemont a several years ago...look at the lovely path this little tip has taken...and now, thanks to your blog, it's making it's way into many more quilt rooms!

Donna said...

I love my blog readers. A lot!

Husband John said...

So that's what you've been doing upstairs!

Z Any Mouse said...

Thank you so much! I was wondering how this method worked, and your instructions are perfectly clear. I'm going to be making a ladybug quilt or wall hanging soon, and I think this method will be just the ticket.

Happy New Year!

Carol G said...

Great idea--I must try this.

Barbie Chiu said...

I'm so glad to have found something informative in your site. Thanks for sharing.