Friday, December 16, 2011

The Quiltmaker's Gift

If this book is one you haven't read, then get a copy somewhere.  It's beautifully illustrated and is the essence of the quilter's soul. 

I've been living this book the past few days, giving away the bags and totes I've been making - to my doctor, to my parents' doctor, to our dentist, to my yoga instructor.

What a luxury to give away what I make.  


Arathi said...

I will try to get one of these!

Z Any Mouse said...

I love this book! Many years ago it was the choice for our school's Author's Festival. We might even have a signed copy. I asked my daughter where it was and she said "I dunno, out in the garage?" Whaa?? **going out to the garage to rescue MY book**

emedoodle said...

:) I love it! And check out Half Price Books for copies... sometimes even (gasp!) on the clearance rack. We buy it in all the time and myself and the girl who works the kids section both love it... so it's always shelved!