Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This Quilter's Dilemma

My main dilemma - and it's such a good one - is choosing the quilt I want to do next.  I've been going through my design notebook, looking at the "Inspiration" folder on my computer, and assessing my fabric stash.  I bought a bolt of a light bone Moda, thinking I want to do something light.  But for this time of year, dark is calling to me.  So are my batiks - in fact, they are clamoring to be used. I'll save that bolt of bone for the summer. 
So here are all my batiks.  Now what to do with them.  What I love most about these fabrics is their coloring changes depending on what a fabric is paired or teamed with.  And some of these pieces are small.  Whatever I do has to be scrappy, unlike the quilt I did for my nephew Nathan, highly planned with only 3 batiks. 
These blocks are 6.5"x 8.5", made from 2.5" strips cut at 4.5" and 6.5".  So far I'm doing 4 blocks from each pair of fabrics.  As I get further into the project, I'm hoping to set these blocks directly next to one another.  But I'm also thinking that I could use something dark, a black perhaps, to square off each block and create a woven effect.  And of course now that I'm searching for an example of what I want I can't find it. 
For half a day I did consider doing something with dots, big ones, made from my scrap table and dryer sheets, the dryer-sheet applique method.  I will do this project at some point - it does have possibilities.  And this leads into the biggest dilemma:  fabric.  I have too much.  So what do I do?  I buy more.  Seriously, there are some fabulous on-lines sales.  Then I become more determined than ever to use scraps, which is where I'm starting with my batik project.  Using the smallest bits first.  What fun dilemmas!

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