Thursday, December 22, 2011

Therapeutic Sewing

Monday was a phone day with my mother's medical people.  You know the drill:  you call, leave a message, wait for the office to call back.  I'm not complaining, just stating.  Tuesday was hanging out with my parents, which means driving around and listening to accordion music and having the same conversation with my mother again and again.   My poor mom just cannot grasp where she lives or who she lives with.  Or what day it is.  Or how old she is.  Or that my father doesn't drive anymore.  Or that she doesn't cook.

Wednesday I went to the studio, ostensibly to do some putting away, cleaning, sorting, and organizing.  But I got distracted by these three green materials and the duffel bag pattern that I've made once.  I decided to kind of wing this pattern and inadvertently made this duffel 27" wide instead of 21" wide.  But it still works nicely.

The studio may still be messy.  But I feel better.  
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Carol G said...

Hooray for therapy we actually enjoy!

Emily said...

The bag looks great Donna! And I'm glad that you have such a great hobby like sewing that can be therapy too. My grandma has been diagnosed with dementia and I feel the pain of that forgetfulness too. And the worry that comes with it for us. Keep sewing! :)