Thursday, April 19, 2012

Productivity Squared!

Spurred on by a visit from John's sister Terry, I put the rest of these bags together.  All the parts were prepared - it was just a matter of doing it.

This beautiful grey/green fabric turned into a pretty handsome bag.

This brown fabric is so rich, and the interior of this bag is from a matching but lighter fabric.  This bag, like the others in this post, has a zipper, an interior pocket, and a little matching zippered pouch.  It's  about the size of a grocery bag. 
This odd grey/blue/peach batik has turned into a very pretty tote.  Here it is accented with peach and grey.
This bag is all greys and just as pretty.

I think I'm just about finished with zippered totes - except for the three in the last picture.  THEN I'll be done.


Rose Marie said...

Wow .... love these bags!

Sue R. said...

You're good...anyone ever tell you that??