Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Bounty - and an uh-oh...

I'm really getting into these little zippered pouches. There's a nice aura of thrift in the studio since I'm using scraps for both the outside of the bags and the linings. The new tote is from fabrics I bought at a sale at Modern Quilt's Oak Park studio.

I'm out of black 18" separating zippers and am just getting these bags all ready for when they arrive. Meanwhile, I've misplaced my open-toed free motion foot. I know what you're thinking: Why can't she just use her close-toed free motion foot. Why indeed... I think this is a sign to do some picking up and putting away.

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Jen Ben Bry said...

These are just lovely, Donna! The tote and pouch combo in solid blues is gorgeous. I think I got some of that fabric from Weeks and Bill's studio sale as well. It is nice to do enough of something to really perfect the technique, I think you've reached that point with these awesome bags!