Wednesday, April 4, 2012


 These little pouches have something in common - besides being made from beautiful batiks.  Both have  recycled zippers, ones that were removed from old skirts. 

As frugal as I am with buying fabrics through sales and using coupons,  zippers are just never one sale.  And I've really been using a lot of zippers.  A fellow guild member - in fact, the youngest member, Emily B, our new secretary - turned me on to a zipper resource:  Zipit at etsy

These 25 zippers came in the mail today.   The price was fabulous.  Now of course I need to order more.  I've been using 18" separating zippers in the totes, and Jennifer at zipit is ordering me some.  With this order she included a zipper pull.  Something tells me I'm going to be ordering some of these, too.
Speaking of totes with zippers, this one is complete and goes into the finished pile.
This little zippered pouch and this little zippered box are two reasons why I'm running through zippers.  Just little somethings for a birthday present.

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emedoodle said...

Such fabulous pouches!! I just recieved my first order from Zipit too! My sweet sister wants more pouches... so she ordered me 50 zippers! :) I should be set for a while! These pouches really are the perfect gift!