Sunday, April 29, 2012

Scrappy Stuff

Batik scraps.  Just when I think I've used them all, I find more.  I pieced and pieced.  And then added zippers.  See the bag in the bottom right corner?  It's my favorite - I love these scraps.  Because I use one of my zippered pouches daily and like having this little "mini purse" which I can put into my real purse, I decided to make myself another - these red and purple batiks are among my favorite.  Look below at the reverse of this little bag.  I think it's pretty charming!

But then what to do with the scraps of the scraps?  Just before I joined the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild two years ago, the girls made their own nametags.  Clever Holly gave me a little pin device, which I've sewn onto the back on the name tag.  I'm normally not a fan of mini-piecing.  But that's just what I wound up doing with this scraps of scraps!


Sue R. said...

I LOVE red and purple!! Cute pouch and name tag!Like that quilting, too. Karen Knittle and I are going to have nametags for the next meeting! I always forget, but this was a great reminder. Thanks, Donna!

raebeth said...

The colors, the quilting, the quantity!!! Beautiful!!!
I don't think there's a 12 step program for zip pouches & I don't think your harming anyone, so keep going!