Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a Tote AND a Duffel!

This little tote bag is pretty sturdy. It could carry at least 10 quilting books comfortably. Instead of being quilted and lined with batting, both the outer and inner bag have interfacing fused to them. So the bag is foldable but strong.On the left side of the bag, you can see the strap for the duffel bag conversion.
Here is the bag now turned into the duffel. Notice the pocket on the right is now horizontal. The lining matches the pocket.
Both the bag and the fabrics are from Jinny Beyer
Of course I have to make another one and have hit my batik stash. The construction of this bag is pretty simple. The zipper goes into the sides, and then the raw edges are seamed together. Once the four corners are boxed and the duffel strap sewn in, it's complete. Pretty nifty! Do you think this qualifies as transformational quilting?


raebeth said...

That's really a WOW bag! You always make things sound so simple.

Susan said...

Where can I order your pattern? I have made this and can't find my pattern. My granddaughter wants another one. Thank you for answering. Susan.