Monday, August 20, 2012

Modern Art Challenge from Eileen

Isn't this beautiful?  It's 9.5" by 19", and I must find the perfect place in my house to hang this.  What I gave Eileen was a postcard of VanGogh who was imitating an Asian artist (see picture at the end of this post).  And this is what she created.  Can you see the piecing detail in the back at the top and bottom?  I love how she isolated some of Kanji elemnts.  What I love about the original work is its lines and color.  And did Eileen ever capture both of those!

Not only am I thrilled with what I received at the Modern Art Challenge swap at yesterday's Chicago Modern Quilt Guild
meeting, so was every other recipient.  In fact, it was a huge love fest!  It was obvious how each quilter gave full thought to the development and execution of these fabulous quilted works of art.  Some of us were literal - some of us were abstract.  All I know is that with each piece presented, my jaw dropped. 

I think this might have been the most fun I have ever had at a guild meeting.  We must do this again!  And again!

This image is a scanned one and shows off the detail and fabrics better.


Sue R. said...

Eileen, this is fabulous! Donna, lucky you!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

It is beautiful, really great work!

sparklesax said...

It really is stunning! I hope we do something like this again, esp when I'm not too busy to do one! I'm so proud of everyone that stretched themselves and I can't wait to see more pictures!