Monday, October 7, 2013

A Dot Dash Dot Bag in the Mail

For over 10 years I taught English at Hyde Park High Scool and had some fabulous students.  Bridgette Wiltz, Class of 1990, is one of those people.  She was in my Freshman Honors class and was an eager bright student with perfect attendance.  She's made a career in the military, gotten her degree, and has been a wise steward of her talents and money.  Bridgette is a daily spiritual coach - and I love her for that.  We reconnected through Facebook six years ago.  I marvel at the encouragement she's given me over the past few years.  (The fabrics in these last two bags are the final bits of each one of these.  The bottom of this bag is from a bit of fabric that Wayne gave me a few years ago.)  Bridgette, here's to you - and make sure you bling out the bag with zipper pulls!  And then take a picture as proof and hand it in.  That's an assignment! 

Now, what to do with the final bag...

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