Sunday, October 27, 2013

Attention Deficit Disorder Quilting

  • Head up to studio to clean, organize, put away, prepare for making zippered bags and little runaround puses.
  •  Work on John's jeans belt loop.  Fire up my only non-computered sewing machine, my Daisy Husqvarna.  Cannot be beat for sewing through multiple layers of denim and Boy Scout badges and purse straps.
  • Decide to do a blog post of this workhorse sewing machine.
  • Locate fabrics for project but decide some of them are too big and that I really should use my scraps
  • Decide to include scrap basket/bins in this post and stop to admire what beautiful scraps I have
  • Stop to google the latest purse pattern I'm obsessing about and get lost in a purse rabbit hole
  •  Find sample of tension/thread testing sheet and decide to turn it into a mug rug.
  • Must photo the mug rug
  • Sort my zipper stock by size and color.
  • Fondle some of my red, black, and white fabrics and resist the temptation to make a little sample of what I think I want to do.
  • Decide that that idea is actually a good one. 
  • Resists the temptation to photo those fabrics and include them in this entry.
  • Feels a sense of maturity and purpose, even though the rest of today is obviously a play day.

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