Monday, October 14, 2013

All Retreat Projects, Great and Small

 I promised myself I could keep making bags and things with straps the past two weeks IF and only IF at the retreat I would work on the Trips Around the World for Teen Living, our fall charity outreach.  So I did keep myself promise and made three quilt tops - minus the borders.  I'll do those at home this week (although I don't want to minimize this step - it's pretty time-consuming).Several   Chicago Modern Quilt Guild retreatants were pretty busy with their own charity projects.  A special shoutout to Paula Z, who took one of my kits and completely put it together, including those pesky borders, and to Peta M, who took home the top and the binding.  She will longarm this top and bind it and it's ready to go.
Once I finished my three tops, then I played with my little runaround bags and made five but gave two away.

Our lovely vice-president Sarah S made me a little birthday present out of some fabric that right now is totally hot. I love this bag - and love that little leather zipper pull.  Hmmm...

A special word about the Debbies - wow, do they have fabulous design and color and fabric sense.  Both worked on projects that are fabulous.

This one is Debbie Pine's at the beginning of its creation. The design, the colors, the fabrics - I love this. The one below is Debbie Bookman's. Ditto, ditto, ditto. Both of these quilts are made from Marcia Derse fabrics. I love these, but these too are hot right now, difficult to find, and going out of production. Let the quest begin!

Debbie Bookman is moving to Florida.  I'd be sad except I think she'll come home for retreats!

Yeah, that's how much fun we have...

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Jennifer Lowe said...

You make me so sad that I missed the retreat! I had planned to console myself with a visit to the Smithsonian (we were in DC for a wedding), but that didn't quite work out! Fingers crossed that I can make the next one!