Monday, March 2, 2015

Back from QuiltCon, but First...

Last February I made a bed topper from a wedding dress - my dental hygienist commissioned this piece for her daughter Kristin.  Kristin loved this piece, and she asked for a similar project out of her bridesmaid dress for the bride.  The bride had a baby shower yesterday, and Kristin was able to give her this 60" x 60" bed topper.  The quilt blocks are the Friendship Star design - perfect for this project.  So are all the sparkly fabrics.  The back of the quilt actually shimmers.  What a thoughtful and lovely gift.

Interested in how this all came together?  Here are a series of process pictures:
There's actually 3 layers with these blocks because the dress was made from a sheer overlay on a shiny polyester.

These two test blocks turned out fine.  Luckily I ran into someone who suggested cutting bigger pieces and then trimming down.  Good idea.  See picture below.
Look at the double layer of the royal blue

The trimming process

Trimmed blocks ready for putting together.

And lots and lots of quilting.  

One of my QuiltCon purchases is this wrist pincushion.  So handy.  I have a zillion pincushions but they are never where I need them.  Now?  I have one wherever I am!
The other project I wanted to do right away was this Hazel Hipster.   Patty chose these fabrics - what a happy spring bag.  It is 10" x 12".  I made this bag a few weeks ago and made a small modification by boxing the bag and the lining just a little.  I think it's a great improvement.  Stay tuned tomorrow for all the QuiltCon talk and more than you will ever want to know about Yoshiko Jinzenji!

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, we definitely have different ideas about what a "bright, happy" color is. I think your bag is a little subdued! :) But lovely.
I have been meaning to make myself a write pin cushion for about 5 or 6 years now. I bought supplies at some point even. It just occurred to me that I may have gotten rid of the pattern during our move. Oh well. One more reason for me to head to Pasadena next February!