Monday, March 30, 2015

Tweaking What's On the Wall

It's so hard to be random.  The 120 blocks have been sewed into pairs, so I still have the ability to tweak and move around a bit.  I have taken various bits of advice and have left both the light light blocks and the dark dark blocks in.  And I have tried to scatter them both about.  My goal is to get this together and off the wall before I leave.  Neighbor/artist/friend/quilting protege Cristina will be using the studio and the design wall while I'm out of town.


Anonymous said...

Donna, your layout looks GREAT!!!! Just commit and get it sewed together.
I too find it difficult to be random as my instinct is to control. To help me be more random, I put all my blocks in a bag and mix them up. The first block I pull goes in the center. I then keep pulling blocks, working out from that center block until they are all on the design wall. You will be amazed at the results!!!


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I like your tweaks. The first layout had the two dark blocks on the right that I would have separated a bit - and you did that. And I like that you left in the light light ones and the dark dark ones - to me it gives it more depth - ;))

I usually put the blocks on the wall - go to move one or two - and wind up moving ten or twelve. With my LHQSQ I finally had to say "Done" - and put it together. If I hadn't - it would probably still be on the wall - ;))

Z Any Mouse said...

I love this quilt!