Wednesday, March 4, 2015

QuiltCon 2015

You can't go home again.  Or can you?  QuiltCon 2013 was so excellent, and QuiltCon 2015 was just as wonderful.  Truly, both times in Austin are as close to what I can imagine heaven to be like.  There were fellow guildsters at every turn in the convention center, lectures that stimulated and provoked, workshops that expanded my bag of tricks, quilts that I admired (including a dozen by the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild members), and some excellent food and sightseeing.  I learned sashiko techniques from Maura Ambrose, a log cabin 3-D pillow technique using a variety of fabrics from Yoshiko Jinzenji, and a quilting technique using "fashion fabrics", also from Yoshiko.  The one fabric I bought was a panel of a Yoshiko print, dots on the top and stripes on the bottom.  It will join the other two black-and-white panels of Yoshiko fabrics in my stash. 

Can you get a sense of this technique from these two panels of a quilt of hers?  A shiny fabric underneath (think prom dress fabric), a sheer nylon overlap on top, and interesting bits sandwiched in between.  The result is something that is surprising soft and luxuriously looking. 

Here's what I did in class - it's a start and a great intro to her technique.  This project is featured in one of her books that I already had - Quilting:  Line and Color.  (Yikes  I just noticed the price of this book!!!  Glad I bought mine years ago...)  She has used this technique in quilting as in the two photos above and also purses.  See below for an example.  I think you can see where this panel at the side is headed.  A lining?  some straps?  Voila!

Here are a couple of pictures to end this little QuiltCon 2015 summary.  I am eager to go to the next guild meeting and hear what my fellow QuiltConners learned and observed.  So much fun.  So interesting!
 SherriLynn Wood of using the little Runaround for her button collection.  I made this  from leftovers of my Improv piece class at Camp Stitchalot with her.  

One afternoon I literally ran into Mary P, the first president of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild, who now lives in Austin and has a second little girl. 
Working on the Sashiko piece started in Maura's class.  The best part?  Learning how to make and use a template for the Baptist Fan quilting design.
My new Yoshiko panel joining an existing one on my design wall. 
Final thought about QuiltCon:  one of the most powerful exhibits was in the Main Lecture hall.  It was all the charity quilts made by the various modern quilt guilds.  Such imaginative, inventive, and beautiful .  Below is the Chicago guild's quilt.  I love the collaborative and generous nature of quilters.  (I am purposely leaving out detailed description of all the food we ate and touring the LBJ library, which was fabulous)  (Melissa, best roommate ever).  Last:  here's a link to all the quilts at QuiltCon 2015 from the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild


Robbi Eklow said...

I bought her earlier book, used, from Goodwill, after seeing Yoshiko's lecture in Austin. It's fantastic, makes me think about fabric in new ways.

I'm going to call everyone in CMQG my fellow guildsters from now on. I love that!

Love you too.

Z Any Mouse said...

How fun! QuiltCon 2016 is coming to Pasadena, CA, and I couldn't be more excited! It's a mere 40-minute drive from me and our guild is all abuzz about it.