Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring in the Studio!

Suddenly the snow is gone, and there's increasing sunlight daily.   Daily walks and an increase in Vitamin D.  My David Crosby playlist has just been hitting the spot.  This is a good time of year, and I am experiencing deep peace. Favorite client Grandma Roberta just had this quilt made.  She's the one who loves to design quilts, shop for fabrics, and make a quilt kit.  The one thing she doesn't want to do is sew.  This went together beautifully, and it is ready for years and years of use.  

The two hockey-esque quilts for the fathers of my great-nieces are ready for longarm quilting.  And then I will decide how to arrange the four feathers for each quilt.  Should I go symmetrical?  Should they be up?  down?  Luckily I have time to decide.  My goal is to get these done and delivered before the NHL playoffs.

  I'm all set for tomorrow's purse/bag sew-in with 10 of my guildsters.  Our common geekiness includes talking at great length about the length of purse straps, strap sturdiness, various interfacings, magnetic closures, zippered pockets, pockets wth flaps, the size of pockets, the number of pockets - you get the idea.  I have kitted a Petrillo Bag by Sara Lawson and plan on taking this bag to New Zealand in two weeks.  I did some of the fiddly bits yesterday and cannot wait to see this come together.  One of the things on my "to do" list involves fabric manipulation.  This bag has a flap with fabrics that's been gathered/pleated.  But then I remember that I had this:

So I have gone rogue from Sara's pattern and am using this products.  I think it will work.  To be determined... 

 For the rest of today, while listening to the Moth Radio Hour on PRX, I am going to pick up and organize fabrics and put on a new ironing board cover and make order out of disorder.  My dentist and his wife are coming to the studio Monday - something about a quilt using her wedding dress.  I will try to hide from them how disorganized and sloppy and I can be...

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