Monday, July 27, 2015

Karma and My Mother's Altruism

My mother lived to serve others.  Not just family and friends but often strangers.  She once took in a woman who badly burned her hands and arms and was all bandaged from fingers to elbows.  Not only did my mom do all the personal care for this young woman, this woman had an infant who also needed tending to.  She did this for over 4 weeks. 

Have you heard of those long-married couples who die just days apart?  After my dad died last July, I kept looking at my mom.  Her Alzheimer's robbed her of all memories, and she was just mostly pleasantly blank.  When she died in December, we all felt a wonderful sense of relief.

My quilty friends have been with me for the past five years and through this journey with my folks.  After my mom died, I shared with them the family's request:  that acts of charity be done in my mom's honor.  I also apparently said (and I don't remember this but I'm sure it's true) to not make me a quilt.

This weekend I was with some of my quilty besties, and at dinner Friday night they presented me with this quilt.  And the proviso attached is that this quilt be given to someone or some organization in honor of my mom Joanne Marie Long White.  I am eager to talk with my sister and brothers and see what thoughts they have about to how best to gift this quilt. 

I think this quilt is beauitiful.  It is 12 blocks of 20" modern log cabins.  There is one red that contributors each used, which gives the quilt a wonderful unity.  Some signed their blocks, and some didn't.  I am determined to find out who made each block.  "I spy with my little eye" some of my favorite fabrics.  To see them in combination makes my heart smile.  I love this quilt.

When the girls told me I must give this away, I said, "But but but but but what if I love this and can't give it away?" They laughed - heartily, I might add - and said they knew I would say this.  And that's when they....

Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post.  My heart is too full to tell the rest of this story today.

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Anonymous said...

This quilt is lovely and I see Joanne in it! From the ragged edges of her notepaper to her torn envelopes, this beautiful, intricate design is your Mom. You are blessed with wonderful, perceptive (and very talented) friends. Can't wait to read Part Two tomorrow.