Monday, July 13, 2015

'Roid Rage

A tote bag with a vinyl bottom for my dear physical terrorist's daughter
Steroids.  Oy.  Up since two.  One more day.  Began to clean out my parents' papers and made small progress but progress.  And then, after starting a lovely book, "At The Water's Edge" by Sara Gruen, then ants in the pants happened and I had to head to the studio.  I need to made a med file for all the appointments coming up, and I have a slew of thank-you notes.  But just to keep me focused a bit here's a picture-heavy post of things on my immediate radar.  However, my definition of "immediate radar" seems to be changing. 
A Molly Market Tote Bag because I sold my last one but not without making sure I could duplicate it

Maybe something with these fabrics - a Hazel Hipster

A Trapezoid Tote all ready to assemble - I'm determined to make this one neater.  Current one to go the the wife of the fabulous Dr. Mike Dupont at the Family Medical Center of LaGrange.  I'd show you the invisible magnets that hold the bag together, but they are - well, difficult to see. 

Figuring out what to do with these Alison Glass fat quarters - something for the current swap project with the Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild that is due in August

Moving these to my too ugly to live pile or swapping them for something.  What on earth was I thinking?

Putting these away - I don't know how this pile got started.       
Doing a bag or purse for my buddy Wayne's wife Wendy.  This black-and white comma fabric by Zen Chic in one of my favorites, and I know she will like this, too.  

Ok, ok.  Rage is too strong.  Let's just call this 'roid creativity...  Maybe I'll just sing "Back in the Saddle Again," which I think I actually have a recording of!

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Jennifer Lowe said...

At least one of those fabrics in your "too ugly" pile is Tula Pink (I am sure Sarah S or Holly could tell us if both are!)and, I must confess, I cannot see the appeal at all. To me, it looks like Queen Elizabeth (the first one) is all dolled up for some sort of flower ball. Why would I want this? But people love it! I see it in projects all over the internet. Well, to each his own, right? (But seriously, too ugly.)