Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Chicago MQG Retreat at Siena Center

Eleven 6" rows of every color in the spectrum.  My design wall is 7' across and 8' down.  So this quilt - whether the background is black or light - will be spectacular and big.  I'm pretty happy to get this in process - its been an unstarted project for over 4 years. 

 The other project I started is something that will hang in my living room.  It's a smaller version of the Elliptical Drunkard's Path in a much narrower colorway. 

The weekend was a good one for many reasons - beautiful setting, excellent table mates, wonderful friends, great walking weather, and tons of creativity. But one of the things I loved most was working on my mom's 1948 Singer Featherweight - it's the machine I learned to sew on. I even took it to college with me in my sophomore year at Milligan. It is the perfect machine for piecing. I will for sure do the entire Elliptical Drunkard's Path on this machine. It will never be good for quilting or going through thicknesses, like purse straps, but it is a honey of a machine for piecing and I was glad to remaking my acquaintance with it!

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