Friday, March 4, 2016

Top 10 of Quilty Procrastination

 10.  Finish basting the cheery scrappy Log Cabin and make the binding.

9. Retype my log-in and password cheat sheet.

 8. Study what's on the design wall, a piece named "Carolyn Friedlander meets Yoshiko Jinzenji.  I know I want to sashiko quilt this piece.  I just don't know how. 

7.  Talk myself out of doing the machine quilting on the Scrappy Log Cabin, like right now.  I really like doing straight line machine quilting with my walking foot.  (Of course I would prefer to have this quilt long-armed, but My Answer is Yes really drained my long-arming account....).  Quilting this quilt will be my reward for doing the Knit class evaluation.

6.  Dither about which fabrics to use for the sleeves on the back of the Elliptical Drunkard's Path and My Answer is Yes.   I don't want to use fabrics I love, but I also don't want to use dorky fabrics (***For cry eye, Donna, these are just sleeves for the back of a quilt...***)  Remember to tell Jacquie G how much you rely on her Quilt Sleeve tutorial.

5.  Start a new project box for The Chicago Modern Quilt Guild Medallion Sew-A-Long.

4.  Rearrange the studio tables.

3.  Vacuum.  Seriously.

2. Wonder if John's sisters weren't right when they questioned why I wanted to work with knits and do clothing...

1.  Blog about what I am not doing.  Not only do I have several kits of knits and clothing patterns, I have told Sara Lawson I would be a guest blogger at Sew Sweetness on March 7.  My topic is the evaluation of a chosen class from CraftsyEssential Techniques for Sewing Knits.  I've watched 3/5th of the class and have learned a lot.  And it's time to put what I've learned into practice.  But I'm dragging my feet.  Perhaps tomorrow....

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