Wednesday, March 30, 2016

That Fast-Forward Button of Life

I'm not quite sure how to get out of this fast-forward mode.  But I must also say this is the happiest I have ever been.  So maybe this speed is a good one.  The Firefighter's Mom picked up her son's 23rd birthday present yesterday.  This project turned out great, and the mom was very pleased.  There's a hanging sleeve on the back.  Several times while working on this project I got a bit teary, mostly because of the picture of this young man as a 3-year old firefighter.  Frank's longarm quilting is, as usual, exquisite.  I love that he won't quilt through any faces.  And Terri had the perfect red for the backing on this quilt.  There are two more t-shirt projects in queue, one of which is already at Terri and Frank's.

While I work on bigger projects, it's fun to have smaller things to work at.  John needed a door prize for last week's Brookfield Jazz Society  meeting.  He even came up to the studio and looked through my pile of musical fabrics.  He pulled this piece, which wasn't quite big enough, but it looks great with black fabric around the feature fabric. 
And these little fabric key chains are the best use of little leftover bits of fabrics.  
Sarah S and Holly are leading the Chicago MQG in a Medallion Sew-Along, and this is so much fun.  This picture represents 3 rounds of instructions and is 27" square.  I think the finished project will be 60" square.  My goal with this piece is to use scraps and not cut into any new fabrics.  So far, so good.  The fun part is seeing the fabric and design choices of others.   Every month we are bringing what we have, and it's a Gawker's Paradise!

Next up in another Sloan Travel Bag.  I made one out of this fabric, but I gave it to my long-time friend Cathy whose birthday is today.  However, I love this fabric and bag so much that I must make myself one and not give it away this time.

Being busy and happy?  In the words of Martha Stewart:  a good thing.

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