Monday, March 21, 2016

This Week in the Studio

My sister-in-law picked up her "Hey Mercedes" bag from Sara Lawson's Windy City Bags.
Of course I had to make myself one, too.
Only one side of the bag has an outer pocket.  There are two zippered pockets inside.
Adding the gusset/bottom of a constrasting fabric worked well.
Meanwhile, it's t-shirt quilt time.  This is the second one I have done for this mom.  The first was for her older son, the hockey nut.  This younger son is all about firefighting. 
All the bits are connected and currently at Terri and Frank's being longarmed. 
Yesterday at the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild meeting, we did our pin cushion swap.  This is what I received from Iris, and I love it.  Victorians thought tomatoes ensured prosperity and warded off evil spirits.  Since tomatoes are seasonal, the sewing community co-opted this symbol for their pin cushions!  I love the strawberry filled with emery sand so I can keep my needles sharp. 
Thanks to Melissa, I learned how to make this pin cushion and did one for my partner Sue R in Marcia Derse fabrics but forgot to photograph it.  This "practice" pin cushion has been gifted to guild buddy Mary.  

It's time to turn to and get into Easter mode - lots of lamb cake baking this week and minimal sewing. Which for this week is fine. This will be a time for some creative ideas to percolate.

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