Thursday, November 17, 2016

Not Quite There, But...

This quilt isn't quite finished - I'm still quilting it and then of course must bind it.  But I wanted to take advantage of this gorgeous day - it is almost 70 outside.  Tonight there is going to be an extreme temperature drop, and I'm hearing rumors of snow over the weekend. 

Wrestling with a quilt in order to quilt it is meditative and soul-soothing.  This is my 4th quilt since October 22.  I think I almost have my head out of my butt.  And I'm turning back to purses for Zambia and  Just in time for the weather change. 

A note about this quilt:  I'm using a polyester batt and had forgotten what a nice texture it has.  Also check out the various bits for the backing.  Thrifty, eh?

1 comment:

raebethriv said...

Beautiful front & back! Nice colors!