Friday, November 4, 2016

Sewing as Therapy

 When I am grieving or rejoicing, I sew.  And when I am in turmoil, I sew.  The politics of this season are so unsettling.  The thought of a Trump presidency is stomach-churning.   While I do have faith that the American electorate will do the right thing, I am in turmoil.  So what do I do?  I sew.  This quilt is the second one to go in the mail this week.  The first was this one, which is on its way to Louisville to my nephew Nathan.  And this quilt pictured here is going to my niece in Columbus, IN.  It is 74" x 88" and is just the softest quilt ever.  It's made from Alison Glass hand-stamped scraps left over from a swap project.  I test-drove it on the sofa this morning while drinking my coffee, and I love it.  I am so happy it's going to Ali.  She asked if I could bear to part with it.  And here's why I can.

 I have more of the Janet Clare Wordsmith fabrics, the same one I used for Nathan's Trip Around the World.  Enough for another Trip, and then I still have a layer cake and a charm pack to play with.  Now I can start these two quilts and fall in love with them as I make them.  And look at the picture below - these are 5" charms on a navy background.  I don't know what exactly this will be, but I like playing around with these.

And these Marcia Derse blocks are all ready to be set into a quilt. It's nice to have the time to do all these.  And then I must get back to the SewPowerful cross-body bags for the young girls in Zambia.  The fate of the USA is out of my hands - I have been proactive and done what I can for my candidate Hilary Clinton.  Whether she wins or loses, there is going to be unrest after the election.  My answer is to reach out to others, be as generous as I can be, and do what I can for future generations.  I will brighten the corner where I am.

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Jennifer Lowe said...

Donna, so much love for you and this post!