Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Guaranteeing a Successful Studio Adventure

Have a quilt top you like a lot ready for quillting.  These fabrics are from Janet Clare's Wordsmith line.  I used a layer cake and a jelly roll for the front, and leftovers are in the backing.

Make sure you have the right batting.  For this particular quilt, I am using a poly bat because I want this quilt to be light and airy feeling.

Have a backing that is bigger than your quilt top.  A great opportunity to use up scraps from the front and other bits in your stash. 

Have another project or two ready to go.  These are two SewPowerful purses cut out, interfaced, and ready to assemble

Have other piles of fabric just sitting out in plain view so that planning can begin.

Seriously, my one big rule for the studio?  I try very hard to always leave a project at a point where I know I want to come back to it.  If there's a hard part, I'll do it before I end for the day.  Kind of a good rule for life, too.

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