Friday, November 11, 2016

What Material Are We Leaving?

The pear tree in our backyard is the last tree to change colors and lose its leaves - it has yet to start turning to gold and yet so many of the surrounding trees have lost their leaves.  This quilt is my third one in two weeks - let's call it stress sewing.  I'm disappointed at the outcome of the election and grieve for those whose voices will be further suppressed.  I was a bit buoyed by the meeting between Trump and Obama yesterday - Trump admitting that Obama is a good man and Obama pledging to work with Trump.  It's a start, eh?  My glass is always half-full.  I am not making light of the political situation today, but I am optimistic that our nation will survive this tumult.  I am optimistic that Trump supporters will suppress the racist elements of their party.  And I am optimistic that the Democratic party will regroup.  And I am incredibly impressed with Hillary's gracious concession speech - she deserves to live a life of ease after so many years of public service.

I've been listening to "Hamilton" a lot - we are seeing it Thanksgiving weekend, and I'm incredibly excited, especially since we're taking 4 of the grandkids as their Christmas present. If you are a longtime blog reader, you know that I have frequently paid homage to Stephen Sondheim - his lyrics resonate with me. But I fear he is being supplanted by Lin Manuel-Miranda. So many of the "Hamilton" songs pertain to what's happening right now. In Act I one of the song's lyrics is "History is happening right now." And its so true. History is happening right now. When the revolutionists won the Battle of Yorktown and realized that perhaps their revolution had been successful, they sing "The world's turned upside down." I'm sure Trump supporters feel like this. And I know liberals for sure feel like this. But the one lyric that resonates more than the others is "Who will tell your story?", a wonderful anthem at the end of the play.
My hope is that the Trump we saw on the campaign trail is not that Trump we will see as president.  As we toured the presidential museums this fall, we saw over and over how ordinary men rose to the office.  I must believe - that despite different political philosophies - Trump will do the same.  He is making history, and history will be written about him.  My brother Al the preacher says to live a good life so he can preach a good funeral over you.  President Trump, be better than you have been so that history can write a good story.  Fellow liberals, figure out the next few years because history too will be written about how we respond to these days.  "History has its eyes on you." 

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