Monday, August 20, 2018

Mid-August Pictures

This Sloan Travel Bag is for Jenny - she has had an Aeroplane bag of this fabric, and she was pretty thrilled that I was able to locate some more of this fabric to upgrade her 5-year old Aeroplane bag. 

This Sloan Travel Bag is for my stepdaughter Jen's 50th birthday.  The fabrics are a charm pack from Zen Chic Moda's Luster line. 

The reverse side

A SewPowerful purse that has the "option B" front flap.  Just something a bit different.

Key fobs - I just hadn't made any in a while

The best ever lemon cake


Jen Ben Bry said...

You've been busy making beauties! How about a link to the lemon cake recipe?

Donna said...

I posted it on my FB page shortly after this link. Goggle Simple Leom Cake - it’s an Australian YouTube video done by a charming man,