Thursday, May 21, 2020

Happy and Cheery!

I know I'm getting better.  I am in love with my current project.  Since it requires minimal cutting and simple sewing, I can do it.  Throughout the years I've seen various posts/projects using the selvages of fabrics.  They are interesting, tightly bound, and provide info for reordering.  One of my Sew Powerful buddies, Shirley Utz,  posted a picture of making fabric from selvages just I was cutting selvages to make a quilt backing.  So I've been going through my stash - under the guise of reorganizagting - and cutting off the selvages.  This picture shows the 12" blocks jammed up next to one another.  But I think I'll space them out.  To be determined...    I will finish the remaining blocks and then go back to the simpler projects I need to be working on.

I'm sure I'll go back to some whining with tomorrow's post.

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