Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Missing Quilt Con

The only ones who felt worse that I did about missing QuiltCon were my Chicago Modern Quilt Guild buddies.  a some of them came to visit after QuiltCon and bought me some goodies.  That rolled-up set is one of the things that I've been petting.  While I was so sad and drugged as QuiltCon began, I kept it together until...

My guild mates posed in Austin with our charity quit.  This picture undid me.

This one had me shedding tears - my quilties at Midway on their way to Austin, February 20.

But here is when I absolutely lost it.  I had been hoping to do a repeat trip to the Salt Lick BBQ outside of Austin.  Melissa, when she arrived in Austin, ordered this at the airport and shipped it here.  When I opened it, I cried.  I cried for the deliciousness that was to be.  I cried for the lovely memory of being their during the first QuiltCon.  I cried for the one-handed and drugged state I was in.
So I've been mourning.  And I'm just about over it!

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