Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Those All-So Useful Sew-a-Longs

Look at the hashtag #100dayproject.  Or #100blocks100days.  Or in the case of this quilt #52blocks52weeks. A quilter who has lost her mojo finds these useful - just something every day or every week to get things going.

The Canadian Quilters Association began this sew-a-long in January 2019, and I learned of this through one of my Canadian quilter friends.  Each Tuesday of the year directions for a 6.5" block were released and shown in grey scale, one of my favorite palettes.  Looking at my immense scrap collection, I thought it would be fun to work on this project, using only scraps.

By using 3" sashing, this quilt is a useable size 65" x 75".   It just needs quilting!  I auditioned a lighter background for these blocks but am happier with the darker background.

I enjoyed this little project and it's fun to have an almost-finished project.  The overall look is one I don't treasure despite all my favorite little bits of grey and backs.  This quilt will start looking for its owner soon.  

One note:  a friend pointed out to me that one of the blocks had a definite Swastika look.  That block was immediately removed and replaced with one of my own invention. 

Another note:  Having two hands is terrific. The stitches come out today from the pin removal two weeks ago. Then real rehab begin to restore wrist flexion.  My hand is sore - parts of it are waking up and all soft tissue needs intense stretching as the muscles develop.  But I'm so happy to have both hands again!

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