Friday, September 17, 2010

Graduation Day

Last January when I first started going to outpatient physical therapy for the first knee replacement, I was still on drugs and pretty afraid of any movement. I met my physical therapist Chandra, and she gently coaxed my new knee into being an integrated part of my body but was hindered by my old knee. We worked until the end of February - that's when John, my cane, and I went to SE Asia.

Then in April I had the 2nd knee replacement. When I returned to physical therapy and Chandra in June, Chandra announced it was no more Miss Nice Guy since both knees were now capable of the same movements. So we worked and worked until August. I requested 8 more physical therapy sessions for some fine tuning, the last of which was yesterday. And I was officially graduated from Paulson Physical Therapy at LaGrange. I had a home-made cap and a gown, a diploma announcing my successful completion of Bilateral Knee Replacement, zuchinni muffins, and even graduation music for my walk down the long hallway - a hallway I once limped slowly down.

At one point with home physical therapy, I would cry when I saw the therapist drive up. I went to Paulson LaGrange with great trepidation. Gaining movement and range of motion hasn't been easy. But Chandra made it great fun, even when she was torturing me. I'm thankful to her for her guidance, her help in my making of a daily physical exercise book, her sense of humor, her book recommendations, her donation of a sewing machine to my studio, and her gifts of pakora, chutneys, and other foods/sauces. 

Here we are balancing on one foot.  Obviously she's better at it than I am, but she has shown me what I'm capable of and has given me goals I can continue to work towards.

Very nice graduation, indeed!
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Arathi said...

Congratulations Donna! :)

Josie Ray said...

What a lengthy process! Congratulations on your perseverance and success. I couldn't help but notice that you never spoke much about what must often have been painful and frustrating, but put forward the brighter events in your life as if the other wasn't happening. True class and character, my friend.